Mega Crit is an independent game studio based in Seattle, WA and founded by Anthony Giovannetti and Casey Yano.

The Mega Crit Team

Anthony Giovannetti (@stimhacked)

Favorite Games: Planescape Torment, Netrunner, Half-Life 2

Anthony grew up in the Seattle area, where he has been a lifetime card game player. Becoming obsessed with Android: Netrunner when it was released in 2012, Anthony created and now maintains the largest Netrunner fansite and forum,

Anthony conceptualized Slay the Spire, leads the design effort, and handles all the boring business stuff.

Casey Yano (@caseyyano)

Favorite Games: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Shadow of the Colossus, Rocket League, The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky: I beat Yama

Casey was born in San Francisco, CA but has been in Washington for like 20+ years, he prefers to call that his hometown. He grew up sketching and doodling but pursued computer science at the University of Washington where he met Anthony. During college, he developed some small games with Anthony while juggling a game tester job and comp-sci classes.

Casey made the Slay the Spire prototype and now works on the game programming, user design, and art direction.

He is a Captain Falcon main and will gladly show you his moves.

Danielle Jenkins

Favorite Games: SpaceStation 13, Rimworld, Portal, Secondlife

Danielle grew up in Eastern Washington where she slept in a barn loft full of decade old computers and spent many a late night obsessing over Linux, anime, and old computer hardware. One day, she moved to Seattle to study Computer Science at the University of Washington. It was there she met Anthony, and through him, Casey.

In her free time, Danielle has worn many hats for Megacrit including acting as the release manager, an individual contributor, site admin, and internal tooling developer.


Jake Rabinowitz

Favorite Games: Breath of the Wild, Rocket League, Overcooked, Factorio, Dark Souls

Jake grew up in Los Angeles, and has lived all up and down the west coast, from San Diego to Seattle. He spent a lot of his childhood messing around with computers and video games, eventually getting a Computer Science and Engineering degree from UC San Diego. He met Casey while working in Seattle and they bonded over playing (and gambling over) Super Smash Bros.

Jake still has a day job, but in his spare time he works on playtesting, metrics, bots, and a bug fix here and there (and other stuff Casey and Anthony don't have time for). He has been a long time playtester for Slay the Spire, with an estimated 1,000+ hours played before Early Access.

Anailis Dorta

Favorite Games: Beyond Good and Evil, Okage: Shadow King, Kya: Dark Lineage, Sly Cooper series.

Anailis grew up in Guines, Cuba and moved to Miami, Florida a few years later where she began failing half her classes for playing video games instead of studying until she attended an art high school and began putting her time into making art. Afterwards, Anailis headed east to SoCal California to graduate college with a BFA in Game Art.

Anailis is the card illustrator for MegaCrit’s Slay the Spire and the proud aunt of a VERY fat cat. Her hobbies include reading, catching up on celebrity gossip, and long luxurious bubble baths.

Bruce Brenneise

Favorite Games: Quest for Glory (series), Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Ultima Underworld I & II, Fallout (series), Elder Scrolls (series).

Bruce Brenneise grew up in the icy grip of Michigan. Graduating with a BFA in Scientific Illustration from the University of Michigan, he then spent years abroad in China where he met his wife and many other wonderful adventures. They now reside in Seattle with their deceased cats and carnivorous plants; Bruce spends most days painting fantasy landscapes for various clients.

Bruce illustrates backgrounds and promotional materials for Megacrit’s Slay the Spire. His interests include travel, geopolitics, sci-fi/fantasy/horror literature, and maps.

Clark Aboud

Favorite Games: Shadow Of The Colossus, Journey, Uncharted 2 & Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Due to a childhood of learning piano, trumpet, guitar, playing video games and pretending to be a jedi to John Williams’ Star Wars soundtracks, Clark really had no choice but to write music. Born in New Zealand and living in Australia and England, Clark writes music for video games, films and himself.

Clark is the composer and sound designer for MegaCrit’s Slay the Spire, an avid lover of all music from Aaron Copland to Tame Impala, and probably the future owner of a really large and expensive synthesizer collection.

Jon Sandler

Favorite Games: Jon enjoys too many games to list – from card and board games to console, desktop, and VR.

Jon is a Seattle native and a renaissance man with one too many interests. His biggest passions include games, UX design, and animation. He graduated with a degree in design from the University of Washington in 2013, where he completed several game prototypes with multidisciplinary teams.

Jon combined his love of games and design by earning a certificate in game design from the UW in 2016. He spends every spare moment pursuing one of his many interests.

Jon makes the character drawings of Casey Yano come to life in MegaCrit’s Slay the Spire.